Tristan McIntosh's One Sheet


Tristan is a Nashville-based 20-year-old vocalist making her artist debut with 'I Don't Wanna Love You'. The single serves as the first of many new tracks that Tristan is releasing to establish her sound and presence in the music community. 


Her powerful voice shines with an intricacy that is as unmistakable as it is entrancing. Raw and deeply rooted, soulful and vulnerable, Tristan unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve with impassioned  lyrics, haunting melodies, and magnetic performances.


Most recently, her work as lead singer in the “Linda Ronstadt Experience” has not only pushed her vocal boundaries but given her a strong sense of direction when it comes to her sound and the direction of her career. 


Tristan’s collection of new music is bubbling with complex feelings wrapped up in colorful words painting pictures of hope through abandonment as well as growth from pain. The beauty of self-love and truth is unveiled throughout her unique hybrid sound of pop, soul, and jazz.

Debut Single
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